Why the Apple Watch Fails As a Remote

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In September 2014, Apple drew international attention when the company revealed its first wearable device, the Apple Watch. Combining a number of the company’s famous features with a clean design and simple leather band, the Apple Watch was presented as the solution to a number of daily problems. Supporters pointed out that the device could even be used in place of television remote controls and other common tools. However, when the Apple Watch was released in April, many reviews suggested that they weren’t the all in one remote controls people had believed them to be. Read on to learn the top five reasons this wearable gadget won’t be your newest TV remote replacement.

It’s Complicated
With technology constantly evolving, adjusting to an Apple Watch probably doesn’t seem too much different from learning how to use new apps on your iPhone. However, people who have tested the device say that the endless opportunities to customize the device can be confusing; for the first time, many people are going to need Apple employees to show them how to operate the product instead of learning on their own. Say what you want about your current TV remote controls, but you have to admit that they are pretty straightforward.

The “Digital Crown” is Confusing
Most Apple products use a simple “pinch to zoom” feature on their touchscreens to help users navigate. The Apple Watch, however, uses a button called the Digital Crown to navigate. Tech bloggers have called this change clumsy, and some have commented that they find it confusing that this important key is located next to the communications button. Do you really want a TV remote replacement you can’t navigate correctly even after you finally learn how to use it?

There Aren’t Many Apps…Yet
While the apps are what allow the Apple Watch to replace all remotes, send messages, share pictures and more, there aren’t many currently available. While Apple has demonstrated a few, including one for Instagram and another for WeChat, critics have commented that the selection is small and none of the current options have captured their attention. This is possibly the most practical of the problems with the Apple Watch: after all, how can you really use it if the gadget doesn’t take off and apps aren’t released for your device?

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