Computer Engineering Company Designs Stand to Keep Vice President From Losing His Remote

All in one remote controls

If you’re like many television viewers, you likely have a problem with losing your television remote controls. No matter what we do, all remotes seem to have an uncanny ability to disappear just when you need them, particularly if you were playing on watching your favorite show, a big game, or relaxing in front of a movie. Now, in a brilliant example of marketing and creative design, a computer design and engineering company says they have created a stand for TV remote controls that solves this common problem.

After Bertrand Sicot, the Vice President of Sales and Value Solutions at Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS, lost his remote, his coworkers decided to create a product to solve his problem. Using CADD Edge, a computer-aided engineering design software, the team created an elegant white stand that wouldn’t look too out of place next to your iPhone. It features a built-in rotational element, a mounting bracket to hold your TV remote controls, and most important, a locking mechanism that makes sure no one in your family runs off with the device. In fact, it looks like the stand could even use the basic padlock you use on your gym locker in a pinch.

The product was obviously designed as a joke, but it demonstrates the many ways companies like Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS can use 3D design and printing to create effective solutions to a variety of problems. Made using a Stratasys Dimension 1200es modeling printer and engineering-grade ABS plastic, the engineers say that designing and printing the product was completed in just a few hours. For those of us without a degree in engineering or bioprinting, a high-tech modeling printer, or a family that would object to our decision to literally lock down the remote, it might be simpler to just purchase
replacement remotes for TVs when the device goes missing. After all, a locking stand wouldn’t let you switch positions on the couch anyway.

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