Helping Seniors Stay Safe At Home

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Many elderly people may find themselves living alone following the loss of a spouse or companion, but are not yet ready to move to assisted living facilities or independent senior housing. While the seniors may be confident in their abilities to live at home, their families may have some concerns. Investing in devices to make the senior safer and more comfortable at home can give family members peace of mind while respecting the wishes of the elderly family member.

Every senior should have a phone in case of emergencies, and to keep in contact with friends, family, and medical professionals. While many seniors may wish to keep their land line with the same numbers, they may also benefit from a cell phone. Both cell phones and traditional phones come in senior-friendly options, with larger buttons and displays. Some seniors may wish to have a simple smartphone, with GPS and search capabilities for when they are out of the house.

Motion-activated lights can be beneficial both inside the house and out. Keeping a home well-lit is important for seniors who may be visually impaired, and having the lights on a motion sensor can keep the homeowner from having to grope for a light switch in the dark. Motion lights have the added benefit of deterring burglars, vandals, and other criminals, keeping the elderly safe in more ways than one.

While not necessary for safety, a computer or tablet can help seniors feel more comfortable and connected in their home. Setup on these devices gets easier with each year, and the benefits are nearly endless. From Facebook and Skype keeping seniors connected to friends and family, to mind puzzles and games to help keep them occupied, to newspapers, books, and movies for entertainment, access to the world no longer requires leaving the house. Many local libraries and senior centers offer classes on operating computers and tablets.

While there are many fantastic independent senior housing options, some seniors may feel that they aren’t ready to move just yet. Helping your senior family members stay safe and comfortable in their own home will make the transition easier down the line. Find out more here.

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