Three Tricks To Make Your Apartment Look Bigger

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In the U.S., men, women, and families rent more than 43,018,000 apartments. There are many perks of renting vs. owning your home. Renters have the luxury of calling landlords and/or property management companies for maintenance and repairs, and individuals, families, or roommates who rent have greater flexibility when relocating for work, or for any other reason. Even so, some apartments are slightly smaller than other housing options. There are plenty of ways to make up for it — to make apartments look cozy, spacious, and just like home. Here are a few ways to make the most of apartment living.

Tricks To Make Your Apartment Look Roomy And Spacious

One of the many secrets of apartment decor is to use it very strategically to visually open up smaller or more confined spaces. For example, open up windows and make ceilings appear taller with the right curtains. Instead of choosing curtains that fit your windows to a T, hang curtains slightly above the window and pick curtains that fall to the floor. This will create the illusion of large, open windows, even if that isn’t necessarily the case in your home.

Layer Rugs

Apartment floor plans can be spacious and accommodating, but — try as you might — you still may not be particularly crazy about the exact carpeting or material covering the floors. And that’s fine. Layer small area rugs on top of carpeting. This works especially well on carpeting that is a single color. Choose area rugs with bright designs or patterns for a dynamic pop of color.

Paint Apartment Furniture

Sometimes, you just cannot paint — and that’s that. Instead of violating your apartment lease or living in a drab, all-white apartment, consider painting your furniture instead. Painting apartment furniture a vivid and/or bright color will add that extra something to rooms, without making a more permanent change that may get you in trouble with your property management company.

Apartment living doesn’t mean not living large. You can easily live in an apartment and have a beautiful interior by layering area rugs over carpeting, painting apartment furniture, and using tips to open up rooms and make ceilings appear higher. Links like this.

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