Best Adjustable Beds For Sleep

Adjust bed

Sleep is a vital part of a healthy productive life. Without proper sleep you do not operate at your best and can have elevated stress levels and even be more likely to get sick with a weakened immune system due to improper amounts of rest. Being able to sleep better at night might be a matter of bed comfort. Many people find that the majority of their lack of sleep is caused by discomfort in a traditional flat bed. If you find that you feel more well rested after passing out on your recliner, it may be time to consider an adjustable bed. The many positions and styles of adjustable beds can lessen discomfort when sleeping.

  • Over half of Americans complain of chronic pain throughout their body
  • Certain styles of adjustable beds allow you to elevate your feet and back
  • The human spine is an “S” shape and is not fully supported by a traditional flat mattress. By lifting your legs with an adjustable bed and raising your back into a more seated position, your spine is better supported. The average person has fifty pounds of pressure on their spine while laying flat while the rest of the body also is under pressure from the weight not supported by the mattress. An adjustable mattress may make pain lessen in bed that makes sleeping uncomfortable
  • Adjustable beds can lift legs, feet, back, neck, shoulders, and hips to make sleeping more comfortable
  • The best adjustable beds have the option of heat and massage, making sleep much more enjoyable

Sleeping should be the easiest part of your day and the most relaxing and restorative time you have to yourself. With the right adjustable bed you can experience sleep like you never had before. From chronic back pain to mild discomfort to even snoring, adjustable beds can change the way that you and your partner sleep and live your lives forever.

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