What Advantages Does a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Offer?

Climate control storage

One of the many benefits of self storage units is that some units are climate-controlled. Climate-controlled storage offers many additional advantages for the self storage renter, as it better protects and maintains the quality of the items being stored. Don’t believe me? Check out this list of the benefits of climate-controlled self storage.

  • Protection From Extreme Temperatures – A climate-controlled storage unit can keep your items safe all year-round, regardless of what the weather is like outside. There are many items that will be easily damage by extreme hot or cold temperatures, and this allows you to store them in safety. Items like art, collectibles, photos, and electronics can be stored without fear of damage. Climate-controlled units also protect from condensation, so that items like newspapers and important documents are not damaged by moisture or mildew.
  • More Secure – Climate-controlled storage units are often interior units, which provides an additional layer of security, as intruders would have to enter a passcode to enter the building. The inside hallways are also monitored by video surveillance, and each door usually has an alarm. Indoor climate-controlled units also provide automatic sprinklers for fire safety, as well as greater protection from insect infestation.
  • Monitor Indoor Air Quality – The air in a climate controlled unit is constantly being circulated and pumped out of the building. This is helpful, considering all the different items that are stored by all sorts of people in a storage facility. If someone is storing something with a particular odor, you don’t want that odor to be transferred to the items you’re storing in your unit.

A climate-controlled storage unit offers many improvements to the standard storage unit, and offers your belongs even more safety and security, thereby offering you peace of mind. If you have some items you need to store, contact your local storage facility about a climate-controlled unit.

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