An Inside Look at Locksmithing

Updated: 1/26/2022

Just about everyone does it sooner or later and likely more than once. You get out of your car, lock the door, and swing it shut. As the door is closing, you might suddenly realize that your keys are still inside the vehicle. Or you might get to your front door and realize you do not have your keys. During such times of high stress, it really helps to have a door lock service available to retrieve your keys.

Instead of searching for a free lockout service near me, your auto insurance might cover the cost of automotive locksmith services. You might have to pay upfront, but your insurer might reimburse most or all of the cost up to policy limits. You will have to show some proof that the vehicle is yours, like proof of insurance or a copy of the registration that lists the vehicle and its ownership information.

It always helps to have a cellphone handy to call a locksmith near me. A 24-hour car door opening service near me is especially helpful if your problem happens late at night. Instead of waiting until opening hours, you could contact an around-the-clock locksmith and get into your vehicle.

Local locksmith services

What does a locksmith certification entail? You may not be wondering this question because you want to become a locksmith yourself (although, if you do — that’s so awesome, because you’re thinking about a profession that began thousands of years ago in ancient Assyria and has been incredibly important ever since). You might be wondering this question because you want to make sure that the new locksmith in town is actually the real deal before you call him up to replace every lock in your house. And it is totally okay to want to know more.

You may not have realized that a locksmith certification was required at all, but it actually takes a lot of hard work before someone can get certified in both Canada and the U.S., and open their own business. Here are just a few interesting parts of becoming a locksmith:

  • Many aspiring locksmiths go through training programs which offer courses that specialize in certain types of locks (e.g. residential, auto, deadbolts, and many more). If you find a locksmith who claims to specialize in certain types of locks — they’re probably telling the truth. Training programs are offered at many different community colleges, vocational schools, and locksmith associations.


  • One essential part of training is undergoing an apprenticeship with an already-established expert locksmith. These apprenticeships often last between three – four years; even more surprising than the time required is the fact that most apprenticeships are not paid. Only someone really passionate about locksmithing is going to stick with an unpaid apprenticeship for four years.


  • Locksmiths must undergo an extensive criminal background check. In the U.S., nearly every convictions involving robbery, theft, arson, kidnapping, or assault with automatically disqualify an applicant from receiving certification. You, as the customer, shouldn’t be afraid of enlisting the help of your local locksmith services when you’re having trouble with your car or home. Professional locksmiths take their jobs very seriously and you have no reason to be afraid.

Now, it doesn’t sound so easy to get a locksmith certification, does it? You can be sure that your local commercial locksmith services are both trustworthy and capable.
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