Three Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know About Building a Home From Scratch

Brand new townhomes and condominiums

According to a recent report from Time magazine, the custom home building industry is posed for takeoff. New home construction was up at the end of 2013, reaching its highest peak since 2008, and a rebounding real estate industry is the reason why. Of course, it only makes sense — Americans are getting back to work, and with a bit more money comes to desire to move to a new home and plant some roots.

The benefits of building a brand new home from scratch have been well-documented, and they’re not hard to grasp. Newer homes appreciate in value much greater than older homes, making them excellent investments for folks trying to plan for retirement. That’s why we’ve compiled these three tips on building a new home from scratch you won’t regret. For starters, it’s all about…

Controlling the climate.

What You Can Do: OK, you can put residential HVAC systems into an old home, too, but that’s not the only crucial component to achievable a satisfying home climate. Asbestos and lead can lie dormant inside old homes for years without any sign they’re there, and when prospective buyers come to look at them, they might not know, either — that is, until they’re signing the paperwork to buy the place. That can cause serious health problems in the future.

Don’t Forget: New homes can be built by the most advanced teams of high end custom home builders who won’t use harmful materials in the building process. You can know for sure when you purchase these homes for sale (or more appropriately, the plots of land for sale) and exert control over what gets used in the actual construction process. It’s the best way to protect your family.

Maximizing efficiency.

What You Can Do: Invest in energy-efficient structural materials like insulation and double-pane glass windows. Do plenty of research into how to cut costs on your new home’s energy bills because once the walls are up, you don’t want to wish you could have done things differently in the construction process.

Don’t Forget: Going green isn’t just a matter of splurging on structural components. Look at EnergyStar appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and even washing machines for your kitchen and laundry rooms. Sustainable faucets can also help significantly cut down on water costs every month.

Leaving ample room for storage.

What You Can Do: As exciting as building a brand-new home can be for the buyers — indeed, it can become a bit like playing The Sims — there’s one thing that’s even more important than the stuff you load up the house with. It’s the space you leave around that stuff that’s going to make for a more comfortable, natural interior to your home. Take time during the blueprint phase to plan out the intentional empty space with your team of builders.

Don’t Forget: The best way to get an idea of how to maximize the space efficiently inside your home is to examine as many different blueprints as you can. Your custom home building team should help you through the process and allow you to pick and choose what you like from different plans to create a larger vision.

For more information, get in contact with a local custom home building contractor today.

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