Need Extra Storage? Get an Amish Shed!

Amish built garage nj

There is never enough room in the garage. Even if you have a three-car garage, and only two cars, it seems impossible to stuff a lawn mower, tools, hoses, gardening supplies, bicycles, extra toys, and also a snow blower into that last spot. This often means that you leave overflow supplies out in the yard, where they are subject to wear and tear from the elements, and possibly, unpleasant stares from your neighbors.

If this sounds like your house, you might want to consider buying an Amish storage shed. A storage shed can be perfect to put your extra supplies in for storage during the winter, or extremely hot weather. An Amish storage shed comes in several different sizes, from sheds as small as 8′ X 8′ to as large as 14′ X 40′. These Amish built sheds are made from vinyl or wood, and are typically purchased as Amish shed kits. You will receive all the parts, such as windows, frames, groove plank flooring, and roofing. With the help of an instruction book, and some tools, you can put the shed together easily. You can also opt to have the entire shed pre-made and delivered to your door, if you prefer to leave the handiwork to the experts.

Amish shed manufacturers also sell Amish garage kits. These can be extremely useful if you need to store extra vehicles such as a motorcycle or snowmobile. Like the sheds, these garages can be put together before delivery, or you can assemble them on your own. Amish garage kits can be as big as 28′ X 48′, which is usually a 2-story garage. Many people use the second floor only for storage purposes, and keep their vehicles and other equipment on the main floor. The garage can be built using an A-frame or a barn roof, and you can choose external colors that match your home.

The additional benefit of owning an Amish storage shed is its portability. If you decide to move to a new house, you can either take the shed apart and reassemble it, or have it transported on a flatbed to your new home. In the latter case, you may not even have to remove anything other than vehicles from the shed before it is moved.

By purchasing an Amish shed, you will be able to bypass countless months of squeezing through your garage, trying to reach the tools, toys and accessories you need. Once you have organize all your vehicles and extra supplies in both your garage and an Amish shed, you will wonder why you you waited so long to get extra storage.

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