Why You May Want to Move to a Big City

What to look for when buying a condo

Are you thinking about moving your family, but your not sure of the best location? Though it may be more conventional to consider the suburbs to be the ideal place to live and raise a family, there are advantages of living in a big city.

In fact, an excellent example of a place where you may find great urban family life is Los Angeles. The Census Bureau reports that about 9,962,789 live in the city. Demographically speaking, a little more than half of these residents are women.

Whether you are looking for luxury apartment homes or downtown condos, you may find that downtown living has its benefits. During 2012, it was approximated that there were 3,449,273 different housing opportunities in Los Angeles. In particular, the Arts District is notable for its contemporary lofts.

Overall, the city boasts an avid professional sports environment, with two basketball teams, a baseball team, and a hockey team. Also, the city is the only North American destination that can lay claim to hosting the Olympics twice.

There is also a robust nightlife scene there. Its varied arts landscape includes the Los Angeles Opera and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Academic institutions such as UCLA are also conveniently located in the city. In general, proximity to the things that make a city great is a big part of what makes a place an attractive place to live.

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