Four Tips to Make Your Wedding Reception More Affordable

Planning a wedding reception checklist

Choosing a venue for wedding receptions is difficult. You want venues that can accommodate affordable wedding receptions, but don’t want to skimp out on the quality of the party. After all, it’s the most important day of your and your significant other’s lives. Yet, considering the fact that the average cost of a wedding reception in 2012 was $26,951, price can be a huge factor when finding a wedding venue.

Since it’s so important to find wedding venues that are just right, but are also easier on the budget, here’s a short list of some tips to help find an affordable venue for wedding receptions!

1. Tis the Season.

As you may know already, spring and summer are the two most popular seasons for weddings, so venues raise their prices accordingly. However, if you choose to get married in Fall or Winter, you’ll be able to find a venue for wedding receptions at a much cheaper rate.

2. Prioritize.

Figure out what’s the most important detail, and find a venue for wedding receptions that has it. This could be a great outdoor view, a huge dance floor, an extensive bar, or whatever. This allows you to take emphasis off of other non-priorities, which allows you to save on them.

3. Have the Ceremony There.

One way to save on a venue for wedding receptions is to also have your ceremony at the reception venue, too. This means you won’t have to pay for two separate location fees. Many venues have this capability, so if you and your spoused aren’t exactly tied to having a wedding in a Church, it shouldn’t be a big deal.

4. Have a Big Party Later.

The smaller the reception, the cheaper the venue for wedding receptions. Why not have a small reception immediately following the ceremony for say 50 of your closest friends and family, and then after the honeymoon, throw a large (and inexpensive) party for everyone?

Finding a venue for wedding receptions on a budget
can be tricky, but it’s possible. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. References.

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