The Bunk Bed Reimagined

Bunk beds

Bunk beds have changed a lot in the past years. Even more so, if you believe the rumor that they were originally a space saving innovation of the ancient Egyptians. While your last experience with a bunk bed may have been slightly more recent than the time of the Pharaohs, some of the latest trends in bunk beds may still surprise you. Here are just a few.


  • Sleek and Stylish. Wooden bunk beds today are a far cry from the posts and slats you knew as a child. You can find craftsmanship of the highest level, suitable for any decor, yet sturdy enough to last for generations. Even steel frame beds are being designed with a touch of class, rather than a blah industrial feel.
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  • Form and Function. But even beauty and style may not be as impressive as the massive flexibility modern bunk beds afford your living spaces. Built in desks or file cabinets can serve as support for the top bunk, either directly below or projecting from the head or foot slats. The bottom bed can be sent out perpendicularly, and dresser drawers installed in the remaining underspace. Or you can merge all of these elements into an L shaped configuration… two beds forming an L on top, a third bed underneath one side, and the remaining side filled with any storage or desk solution you can possibly imagine.

    They were a good idea in ancient Egypt, and they are still a good idea today, just with more bells and whistles. Stop by your local furniture store today and reacquaint yourself with an old friend… the bunk bed.

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