Austin TX Ranks High for Small Business Operations

Office space in austin tx

The best city in the South in 2012 for a small business to be in was Austin TX. One of the contributing factors was the fact that Austin is famous for its clean technology. That is quite an accomplishment for a city that was first settled in 1835 and then incorporated in 1939. In fact, in the category for clean tech, the U.S. Metro Clean Tech Index gave it the 10th best city rating for the entire nation. This is interesting because Austin also ranks second in population growth for its region as well. This city has a population growth of 18.1 percent over the last five years. The job growth in Austin was 6.3 percent . There are over 130 retail stores in the downtown area alone and plenty of opportunities to find an office lease Austin if you want to open your own retail store.

There are plenty of Austin offices for rent. If you need Austin office space for rent contact a a rental in the area for information on office space in austin tx. Plenty of small businesses are using an office rental Austin in which they can conduct their business ventures. In fact, you can find an office lease Austin very easily if you contact Austin tenant advisors. An office lease Austin can be quite affordable, depending on its location. If you don’t have a specific area in mind, contact an office lease agent about a good area for an office lease Austin. Not every office lease Austin may be of interest to you but a rental or lease agent will be happy to find the best office lease Austin for your needs.

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