Reasons You Should Be Utilizing Your Local Urgent Care Facilities

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Sudden health issues can be troublesome and worrying. Whether you’re having difficulty breathing, chest pain, itchy eyes, serious stomach pain, or are in need of emergency flu treatment, having a well-maintained, professional medical facility on-hand can be incredibly helpful. When thinking about emergency medical services, one of the first thoughts that might come to mind is to collect yourself and visit an emergency room. Yet, along with that thought comes the reminder of how long the wait time at an emergency room (E.R.) can be. And if you’re having difficulty breathing or have gotten a some serious lacerations that require emergency services, you’ll know that waiting is the last thing you want, for both your physical health and mind. If you don’t feel like joining the wait list at an emergency room, it might be in your best interest to consider visiting an urgent care facility.

Walk-in urgent care is a simplified way for you to have your medical needs properly diagnosed and resolved. Whether you need a combination of imaging and labs — chest x-rays for difficulty breathing, an electrocardiogram (ECG) for chest pain, or require blood to be drawn and lab-tested for flu-like symptoms — the 20,000 physicians currently practicing Urgent Care medicine can help you with that.

Let’s explore the benefits of Urgent Care Medicine and urgent care facilities:

  • Abundance of Urgent Care Centers:There are nearly 9,300 independent walk-in urgent care facilities around the United States, providing a variety of treatment centers to visit when in need of emergency care.
  • Short wait times:The average wait time to see a physician at nearly 60% of urgent care centers is less than 15 minutes. Similarly, most clinics have an average of seven exam/treatment rooms, making for a quick appointment turnaround.
  • You See a Professional Physician: Whether you’ll end up seeing a mid-level provider or a physician, 65% of urgent care centers have an on-site physician during open hours.
  • Skip the E.R.; Receive Similar Treatment: Found within a study undertaken by Milliman, nearly 44-65% of all E.R. visits can be treated at an urgent care clinic. Unless the diagnosis finds that more serious care is needed, than it can be properly cared for at a walk-in facility.
  • It’s Cheaper Than an E.R. Visit: While the average cost of an emergency room visit can cost an average of $2,039, the same treatment can be provided by an urgent care center at a much lower cost, approximately $226 to be exact. (Making for an overall savings of nearly $1,800.) So if you’re having some difficulty breathing, have a some deep cuts that need stitches, or want some help with a headache, it is more cost efficient to go to a walk-in urgent care clinic.

For basic, emergency medical diagnoses and treatment, it might be worth your time, and money, to consider visiting an urgent care facility.

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