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Finding the Right Bed for Your Back

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Just laying down to sleep can put about 50 pounds of weight on your spine, according to the American Chiropractic Association. For the 80 to 90% of Americans that have back pain issues, a good nights rest can be difficult. Fortunately there are natural ways to sleep better and to overcome your problems sleeping at night with adjustable bed systems. Your sleep comfort should be a primary purchasing factor when you experience chronic back pain and sleeping issues. In addition to health concerns, the best beds have come a long way from the stereotypical image of an oversized hospital bed.

If you have not looked at an adjustable mattress and its design in recent years, it consists of a bed that is easily raised and (more…)

11 Feb 2014

Are You Having Trouble Getting a Good Night of Sleep?

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Do you have some trouble sleeping at night? Do you wish that there was a way that you could get comfortable enough to get a quality night of sleep? Have you even thought about investing in king adjustable bed mattresses? Here are a few facts that you need to know about the benefits of electric bed adjustable hospital beds and how they can improve your overall quality of sleep.

1. The natural S curve of the back is not supported by a flat mattress which is where the best adjustable beds come in. These beds are able to give you the best support by being able to change and form to the shape of your spine no matter what position you find most comfortable to sleep in. Investing in an electric bed adjustable hospital bed could hel (more…)

28 Jan 2014

The Basics of Adjustable Beds

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What is an adjustable bed? This is a bed that has a multi hinged surface that can be moved to a number of different positions. Many people choose to incline the upper body while independently raising the lower body. Others enjoy tilting the body into a variety of different directions and heights. The market for adjustable beds is growing.

Because we spend about a third of our lives sleeping in beds, it makes sense that people want comfortable choices for where they sleep. Many people feel pain when lying on nonadjustable, old and flat beds. There are many health problems adjustable beds can potentially provide relief from, including low back pain, leg swelling, poor circulation, heart burn, gastric reflux, and more, though of course it depends on the individual and the bed they choose. Some beds also give heat and massage options, though not all.

Adjustable beds have long been a popular choice for hospitals, but have only recently made the transition to residential homes. They were used in hospitals since it is often necessary to elevate different parts of the patient depending on their ailments or injuries, et cetera.

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29 May 2013