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6 Tips for Getting the Right Amish Funiture

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It is pretty well known that the furniture made by the Amish people is a very good quality. The furniture became popular in he 1920s. This is when the general United States population learned about early American folk art. Art historians and dealers began pushing Amish pieces for their quality and beauty. It is all totally made by hand. In addition to traditional furniture pieces, Amish craftspeople make custom Amish gazebos, small sheds and garages. There are some things you can do to make sure you get the Amish pieces or garages that will bes complement your home.

Start your shopping with some research. When you are ta (more…)

01 Jan 2017

11 Unique Ways to Use a Custom Shed

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Think that Amish sheds are only good to store garden tools? Think again. Custom sheds can be used in a variety of interesting and unique ways, so long as you have the eye and inspiration for it. Here are 11 ways you can think outside the garden shed and really put your structure to work for you.

  1. Art Studio: Need a creative space away from the distractions of your home? Set up your shed as an artistic haven with all of the materials and supplies you need.
  2. Gym: If you don’t have the space inside, pump som (more…)

14 Oct 2016