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Three Different Ways Individuals Can Decorate Their Home with Nautical Home Decor

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Less than 30% of people are happy with the way their home looks. Some would like to have decor that expresses their personality, has whimsy, or is part of a theme. Because so many people enjoy the ocean, lake, or other waterfront locations, having nautical theme decor has become very popular over the years. Through decorations such as a life preserver on the wall, or decorative ship wheels, people have found they can express themselves in a more meaningful manner within their home. Here are three different ways individuals can decorate using nautical home decor.

Nautical Clocks Are an Easy Way to Decorate While Expressing One?s Taste

12 Jun 2017

How to Decorate a Nautical Theme With Purpose

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Everything sailors use, they use for a reason. Though often times these nautical items are kept for pragmatic reasons, their use often takes on deep, symbolic significance. That’s why sailors will often get such nautical items as anchors, propellers, or harpoons tattooed.

When planning and designing a nautical theme, taking such symbolic meanings into account can make your design seem not only more intentional — with more purpose — but also more well arranged. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these symbolic meanings into your own nautical theme, choosing more purposeful places to place your nautical home decorations.

Compasses Above the Door.

Compasses are (more…)

20 Feb 2015