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What’s So Great About Building a New Home?

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You might think it’s easy to buy a house than it is to build one, but you’re only wrong, you’re sorely mistaken. Custom home builders can deliver a better, quality product in as much — if not less — time than it takes to buy a home.

Here are a few things you should know about custom house builders.

It’s cheaper to build. – When you look at the numbers, custom home builders provide a more affordable way to get the house of your dreams. You see, the average home costs about $356,000. However, research shows that homeowners report the average cost of building designer home plan (more…)

13 Jan 2016

Drought Shaming The REAL Reason Celebrities Have Green Lawns

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In May, many media outlets blasted California celebrities with giant homes in the Hollywood Hills featuring lush, green lawns despite a worsening drought in the state. The Twitterverse instantly dubbed the phenomenon “drought shaming.” Of course, no one really wins in these tabloid feeding frenzies; celebrities who did have drought-friendly gardens were likewise accused of “eco-boasting.”

Although the tabloids would never say so, some large homes in the iconic Hollywood Hills have green lawns because their owners invested in grey water reclamation systems, which allow for yard watering even in the face of strict water rationing. For those without grey water systems integrated into their (more…)

03 Jun 2015