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Why You Should Rent Rather Than Buy

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The pressure to buy a home rather than rent can be overwhelming. Yet few realize that renting can be not only a more economical option but also a logical choice. Research has found that people who rent can save about $560 every month over buying a house. The same study noted that a house is a depreciating asset and offered the example of investing in a $100 house in 1985. The study found that it would be worth $293 today, whereas the same $100 invested in stocks would be worth almost four times as much at $1,146.

From renting beautiful apartment buildings to a single-family house, renting really can save you money. One study estimated that almost 20% of house buyers could have saved money by renting instead. Another Harvard University study noted that “renting made better financial sense than owning” (more…)

05 Jan 2016

How to Make This The Easiest Apartment Hunt Ever

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The mere mention of the word “luxury” is enough to make frugal apartment hunters run for their lives, however, don’t let the work luxury fool you. You’d be surprised how many affordable luxury apartment rentals are available. In fact, many people choose to rent a luxury apartment because they’re such a great steal! In fact, some of the best apartments in the most beautiful apartment building are actually surprisingly affordable; you just have to know how to find them.

Now that apartment hunting season is in full swing, renters are everywhere are looking for the best lofts and apartments available and it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. However, apart (more…)

01 May 2015