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Why You Should Rent Rather Than Buy

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The pressure to buy a home rather than rent can be overwhelming. Yet few realize that renting can be not only a more economical option but also a logical choice. Research has found that people who rent can save about $560 every month over buying a house. The same study noted that a house is a depreciating asset and offered the example of investing in a $100 house in 1985. The study found that it would be worth $293 today, whereas the same $100 invested in stocks would be worth almost four times as much at $1,146.

From renting beautiful apartment buildings to a single-family house, renting really can save you money. One study estimated that almost 20% of house buyers could have saved money by renting instead. Another Harvard University study noted that “renting made better financial sense than owning” (more…)

05 Jan 2016

Three Reasons To Rent an Apartment

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If you’re looking around for a new living opportunity and you can’t decide if you’re ready to splurge on a house or you’re better off sticking with a loft or apartment rental, here are just a few advantages of apartment rentals that might convince you to step away from the housing market for a while:

  • Security: When you live in an apartment building, you automatically have better security and safety features in many different ways. Financially, the best loft apartments for rent come with management services that provide greater security regarding your personal information and your property. Luxury apartment rentals often come with enhanced building (more…)

11 Mar 2015

Tips for Living in Luxury for Less

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Talk about being in a “no flex zone”, gone are the days when it was en vogue to live in the lap of luxury and brag about. Even humble-bragging is frowned down on nowadays. The Great Recession taught Americans a lot, mainly that can get by — and still be happy — while living on far less.

Naturally, this mentality has changed the face of the housing and rental markets. Large, restaurant-quality, professional-chef inspired kitchen featuring large appliances such as SubZero refrigerators are out. However, kitchens designed around entertaining and featuring high-efficiency appliances are in. It’s not that luxury is completely out of style, it’s just that Americans are taking a different approach to it.

For example, luxury city apartments, such as downtown, (more…)

23 Jan 2015