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How to Apartment Hunt Like a Boss Using These Three Tips

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The bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, and people are getting ready to move. Spring is a busy time of year, and the busiest time of year for landlords, professional property management companies, and movers. So if you’re the market to rent a loft apartment, now is the perfect time to get your search on for the best lofts and apartments in your area if you haven’t already.

There are several reasons why people choose to rent a loft apartment, however, perhaps one of the most common reasons is for the amenities and visual aesthetics. After all, it’s undeniable that lofts for rent are some of (more…)

01 May 2015

Affordable Luxury Living for Less

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The word luxury has a bad rep and is often associated with expensive tastes. However, did you know it was still possible it live on a beer budget but have champagne taste? Luxury apartment rentals allow tenants to live in the lap of luxury but for affordable rates that don’t break the bank.

Following the Great Recession, the American housing market took a huge hit as countless Americans who lost their jobs due to lay offs were no longer able to afford their mortgages. As such, many families were forced to downsize. Now nearly seven years later, renting lofts and apartments has become the norm for many singles and families. In fact, developers are erecting beautiful apartment buildings at an alarming r (more…)

30 Jan 2015