Commercial outdoor furniture

Four Furniture Styles for Your Rental Property

Largo furniture

Homes are special places, and we want them to reflect and accommodate our style, make us happy, be comfortable to live in, and welcome our guests. Furniture is a pretty important part of home decor, and can make or break the look of our indoors. The U.S. Department of Commerce reports that furniture sales are up. In June of 2017, we’d spent $9.51 billion on furniture, where June of 2016 was $9.27 billion.

Furniture is a huge part of our economy, too. There are, according to the Census Bureau, 87,000 furniture establishments employing over 500,000 people, bringing in $120 million annually in profits. One huge area of furniture buying these days is outfitting rental properties. From Largo furniture to Adirondack chairs, rental property furniture and commercial outdoor furniture are also big business.

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01 Feb 2018