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How Donating To Charities Makes An Impact On The Community

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How often do you go shopping every year? If you were to break it down into how many times you go shopping every month or every week, would the number be higher than necessary? Most Americans have too many clothes in their closets. They have drawers full of clothes they wear every once in awhile or maybe never at all. They have multiple pairs of shoes and maybe even more than one winter coat for when it is colder. With so many extra shopping trips and extra clothes in our closets, it is time we all consider clothing donations like holding a Red Cross clothing pick up charity.

If you had to guess, could you estimate how much clothing you purchase every year? Could you total it together to estimate how much clothing Americans across the country purchase every year? The number is actually quit (more…)

03 Jul 2017

4 Reasons to Make Red Cross Donations a Priority

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It?s always important to give back to society. You might enjoy volunteering time at a homeless shelter, or maybe you spend Saturdays volunteering at a local humane society. One way that we can all give back on an annual basis is through donations to charities like the American Red Cross. Red cross donations can be a variety of items from clothes to household items and products. On any given day, you can probably walk through your home or apartment and put together a bag of items you?re no longer using or you?ve never used and make a plan to donate them.

In America today, 70 percent of people donate something to a charity each year. Whether they donate clothes or house items(more…)

07 May 2017

Help the American Red Cross with Your Clothing Donations

Clothing donation pickup

Do you have used clothing donations to make? Were you aware that an American Red Cross Clothing pickup service is available through GreenDrop? This is a convenient way for you to donate clothes to the Red Cross.

Every year, 70% of people in the United States donate to charitable organizations. The American Red Cross, as you may be aware, is available every day of the year. They provide a variety of services to families and communities in need. In addition to clothing and blankets, they also provide shelter, food, and water.

The American Red Cross is also well known for its blood drives. During life-threatening emergencies, natural disasters, and similar situations, such as accidents, the Am (more…)

04 Feb 2017

Many Benefits of Donating Time or Money to Non Profits

Clothing donations

People in the U.S. typically do a good job of giving to charity, although they certainly could do better. About 70% of Americans donate to charity in any given year, although on average, they only give about 3% of their income. People also donate their time to charities and they donate new and used items, such as clothing that might be part of Red Cross pickups. There are a number of benefits to giving to charity.

One of the biggest advantages of giving either money or goods to charities is the tax break that you get. The IRS allows you to deduct from your taxable income money that you give to qualified charities as well as the value of items you give, such as a clothes donations. Unfortunately, you do not get a deduction for the value of time you donate.

Another big advantage to donating to charity (more…)

15 Oct 2016

Slash Your Furniture Budget Today! Clothing Donation Centers Also Offer Gently Used Furniture

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It’s a shocking fact that we never hear about on the nightly news: every single day, each of us contributes more than four pounds of trash to our local landfill. After our garbage is collected from our homes, it travels to landfills to be smashed into gigantic cubes. All of our organic waste mixes with glass, plastic, and paper to make a toxic mulch, and despite scientists’ best efforts, no comprehensive plan has ever been made to meaningfully reduce our landfills. Why are we making so much garbage, and what can we do about it?

One very simple thing that you can do to reduce your contributions of landfills is to make a compost pile in your backyard. Basically, you want to remove your organic waste from your trash and layer it with leaves and other backyard debris. Over a period of time (more…)

12 Oct 2016

Helping Military Families with What You Have

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Everyone wants the best for their families. And for most families, doing whatever is necessary to ensure that all family members are safe, warm, clothed, fed and have a place to sleep with a roof overhead is paramount. But what about those who cannot provide for their families in the way that they’ve hoped, or those families who face difficult times when a family member is away in the military? For those individuals who understand the importance of family and offering a helping hand, donations for military families might be an obvious next step.

Helping families in need through clothing donations

How often do we hang on to things that we don’t wear or use, just in case we find a use for them or decide we actually do like how it fits? If you a (more…)

16 May 2016

Want to Help Others and the Environment? Donate Your Used Clothing to Charity

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Take a look around your closet and the closets of your family members. Do you and your children have a lot of old clothing that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you want to wear any more? If so, you aren’t alone. Many people have clothing that sits unused in their closets and dresser drawers, and as a result, it often ends up in the trash at a later date. However, there are other options than throwing clothing away or storing it until it comes back in style. (And there’s a good chance it won’t, unfortunately.) Instead, there is a much better use for your old clothing, and that is to donate those garments to charity.

Charitable clothing donations aren’t just good for cleaning out your closets, though. They have many other benefits, too. Check out the benefits of (more…)

10 Jun 2014

Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Support Our Troops

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Various charities and schools are organizing efforts to send soldiers letters from our children. “Thank you for fighting for our country. I love the color camo. I am nine. Why did you want to go to the military? Thank you for dieing [sic] for our country. I love American flags. Do you ever stop working?” one letter, originally published in Northwest Florida Daily News, reads. “I love that every hour of every day you fight for our lives. I respect my veterans. How long do you have to sleep? You are very heroic and brave.”

There are plenty of ways to help support our troops and make life a little easier for military spouses and children. Adorable letters from young kids are just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some other ways to pitch in:

A Different Kind of Couponi (more…)

21 Mar 2014