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How You Can Help Families in Need (Without Leaving Home)

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Helping the less fortunate is not very complicated- it doesn’t require hours of research to find a trustworthy organization for charitable donations, or hard labor at a shelter or kitchen (although these are perfectly good ways to give back!) You can help people in your own neighborhood easily by going through your old possessions and donating clothes, toys, knickknacks, furniture, anything you don’t need anymore. Not only are you helping people in need, you are helping the environment; clothing and other textiles comprise about 5% of the refuse in landfills. In 2006 alone, the used-clothing industry saved 2.5 billion pounds of fabric from landfills. Almost all of the textile waste in landfills is recyclable in s (more…)

26 Jun 2015

Clothing For the Homeless Donate Your Spare Clothing Today

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This winter has been particularly cold and relentless. Winter is bad enough for those with means. For those who are needy — the poor, the sick, the elderly, the homeless — winter can be not only difficult; it can be devesting. Unfortunately, far too many people in the U.S. (and the world) struggle to find suitable clothing. Thousands of people every year find themselves with little to no options in regards to clothing themselves. It’s bad enough to have no money. It’s even worse to have no clothes.

This is precisely why clothing donations are important now more than ever. Charitable clothing donations are critical for those who are unable to help themselves. Unfortunately, we as a society cannot rely on those who have the most means to aid the poor and hungry. Did you know, (more…)

12 Jan 2015

Choose From Three Convenient Ways to Support Our Troops

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Parents and teachers are encouraging children to take a couple of minutes out of their day to support our troops. Kids are devoting small amounts of time to writing soldiers letters, Christmas cards, valentines, and birthday cards. “Thank you for fiting [sic] for us. I would like to be a Veteran! You gise [sic] are asome! Thank you for letting us have freedom!” a six-year-old wrote to an American soldier.

More adults should pay attention. Kids’ adorable letters, drawings, and cards teach us that helping military families, soldiers, and veterans can be inexpensive and relatively low-key. Here are some easy and cost-efficient ways to do your part:

Get Creative With Couponing

For some military husbands and wives, asking for help is one of the most diff (more…)

16 Apr 2014