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The Best and Most Affordable Family Picture Ideas

Family picture ideas

It is not every day that families get together to have formal family pictures taken. This is especially true when children grow up and move out the house. When it comes to extended family pictures that include spouses, children, and even grandparents, it may only happen once or twice in a lifetime. Regardless of the frequency with which your family has family pictures taken, it will always be costly.

Although costs for family photo packages vary by photographer and the contents of each package, if a family can get a comprehensive package for 250 dollars or less, that is a bargain! This means that most high quality family picture sessions will cost at least 300 bucks; and given the fact that your family does not have their picture taken often, you want to be certain that you choose the most appropriate f (more…)

31 Jul 2013

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19 Jul 2013

Best Nest Home Furnishings in Virginia Beach Virginia


Best Nest Home Furnishings

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07 Jul 2013

Ideas For Fun Family Pictures

Family picture ideas

Family pictures are definitely a great way to keep memories safe and watch the progress of each person going through life. Family pictures may seem like torture to young kids, and a pain to most adults, so here are some fun family picture ideas to make them enjoyable.

Take them outside! No matter the weather. If you have access to a waterproof camera, taking a picture in the rain while making ridiculously miserable faces may prove to be a lot of fun for the whole family. The kids will love the idea of making faces and it will be easier for them to pay attention.

Otherwise any sunny day makes for a great outdoor photo. Take one seasonally as well. A compilation of pictures looks beautiful and shows what the family looks like with the passing of the year. It can be great to make into greeting cards as we (more…)

01 Jul 2013