Surprise Wedding Expenses to Look Out For

Weddings are special occasions where couples decide to profess their love. However, the planning of a wedding is rarely straightforward. The couple needs to decide who to invite, their theme colors, where they want to hold the ceremony, and much more. But what can a couple do when the unexpected happens?

It is crucial to have a plan. The first step to proper planning is drafting a budget. Whether the couple works with a wedding planner or on their own, they should have a wedding expenses checklist. It can help them stay within the plan but also make provisions for things that may come up unexpectedly. Here are some things for which they can look out.

Wedding Planning

Planning for a wedding can be a hectic process. There is much to organize, many venues to visit, dishes to taste, vendors to reach out to, and so much more. Many brides seek the services of a wedding planner. While it may seem like a luxurious option and, in some cases, an expensive one, it takes a massive burden off the couples’ shoulders.

There are some things a bride can do to help the wedding planning process smoothly. Every couple should have a wedding budget. It will help guide the expenditure. Budgets determine the options that will be available for the wedding. It also helps the couple develop some realistic goals for their special day.

Allocation of percentages to different aspects of the wedding also helps balance the expenditure. It helps when the couple has a wedding expenses checklist to help avoid unnecessary and unexpected expenses. Organizing the items based on priority is also crucial. Some aspects of planning a wedding are time sensitive, and booking earlier will give the couple ease of mind but will also help reduce the costs.

With the services of event planning agencies, the couple may be beneficiaries of deals that can help them save a lot of money. Negotiating with vendors isn’t very easy, but planners may get discounts due to experience and possible interactions in the past. In cases when a discount isn’t possible, they may get a unique feature or request into the order. For instance, they could take extra pictures or provide more flowers. Some venues are also tricky to get, but with the help of an event planner, it may be more manageable.

Wedding planners play a crucial role in planning a wedding held in a foreign country or at a location far from where the couple stays. The trips can be tedious for the bride and groom, not to mention expensive. However, the wedding planner can ensure all runs smoothly. When considering all the logistics of planning a wedding, it may be cheaper to have an event planning agency handle the intricate details.

Be sure to search for a well-known or recommended planner. Discuss your ideas and plans to learn what is realistic within your budget. Couples may opt for a full-time or part-time planner. Some planners can even offer their services a month before the wedding or even on the day of the event. Fortunately, most offer free consultations allowing you the time to discover whether their services fit your needs or budget.

Rental Services

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when planning a wedding. Many tiny details are crucial and necessary for the success of the special day. While there may be a lot of services that a venue typically provides, not everything may be to the couple’s taste. There may also be services or items that the venue does not provide. It is best to seek the services of a wedding rental company.

An essential aspect of hiring a rental company for a wedding is that they can work within a theme efficiently. Themes are crucial aspects of any wedding. The couple has a vision in their mind of how the venue and the reception should look. Things like the altar, seating arrangement, decor, dining tables, dining ware, and cake table should all reflect the theme. Creating a cohesive theme is possible with different vendors, but it becomes easier when a single company is responsible for organizing the wedding.

Some wedding venues are in an open field, a backyard, or even a barn or loft. Such venues may require extra rental items such as; lighting, a stage, napkins, tables, tablecloths, etc. When considering equipment rental, be sure to have a wedding expenses checklist. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re shopping. Even when a company offers multiple services, keep the budget in mind so as not to pay for what you don’t need.

Tent Rentals

Some couples enjoy the thought of a tent wedding. Depending on the budget, many designs and finishing touches can make the wedding day special. There are many types of tent rentals that a person may choose from, including; sail cloth, marquee, pole, and frame tents. Tents are also helpful, especially as a backup plan for when you’re experiencing unpredictable weather.

Size is crucial when selecting a tent rental. Speak to the vendors about the number of guests you have to ensure that the sizes are sufficient. It’s also important to remember that there may be some unexpected costs, such as needing tent flaps in case of rain, or some overlooked costs, such as tent flooring. It is also essential to factor in the cost of the event space when budgeting for tents. Even though tents may be lower in price compared to other options, if the venue is costly, it will increase the total.

Renting Dance Floors

The best way to crown a beautiful wedding ceremony is by including a dance floor. It works well for an outdoor wedding. Many brides like the traditional father-daughter dance, which is a memorable and emotional event. The couple can also share their first moments on the dance floor.

Consider several things if you intend to have an outdoor dance floor. It’s essential to consider the event space, the arrangement of seats, decor, and whether or not there are tents. Couples should also consider whether or not a dance floor fits into their budget. Many factors, such as shape, size, and design, affect the cost. Speaking to vendors can also help you make better choices.

Luxury Restroom Rentals

An essential part of any wedding is a hygienic restroom for guests. Many overlook this because many venues have restrooms, but some need portable restrooms for guests. Consider the number of guests when renting portable restrooms. A good ratio would be 1 stall for every fifty people. Some companies can provide an attendant to ensure that the stalls are clean and fresh.

Since the restrooms are for a wedding, the couple may consider a luxury restroom trailer rental. These are spacious, and some companies can even have them fit the wedding themes. An added advantage is that they have running water, sinks, and soap. Some even ensure the water is warm to kill germs and provide hand driers and paper towels.

Plan for these restrooms early enough to avoid the last-minute rush. Ordering items or services at the last minute can increase the cost. Even when working with a rental company for different rentals, they may not be able to provide items cheaply at the last minute. It’s also important to consider where to place the restrooms. The event space is a significant factor that will affect this choice.

The advantage of hiring equipment rental services is that everything, or at least most things, is in one place. It helps avoid last-minute rush or expenditures when the couple forgets some items. Their service costs often include transportation, which helps take some of the financial burdens off of the couple. Excellent equipment rental services are responsible for setting up their equipment and allowing things to run smoother. They help the couple save a lot of time and are an excellent choice when the wedding venue is in a remote area.

Wedding Invitations and Stationery

An easily forgotten part of wedding planning is wedding invitations. Couples can spend weeks or even months deciding who to invite to their wedding and fail to send out wedding invites in time. Designing the invites, other wedding stationery pieces, and possibly the wedding signage can be complex. At the same time, some couples opt to do it on their own. It can be hectic and time-consuming. Alternatively, they can work with a professional to help them through the process.

There are many different options for designing the stationery, including; engraving, dye cutting, screen printing, foil printing, and laser cutting. Couples should make their choices based on their preferences and budget. It is best to send out invites as early as possible; the latest should be at least five weeks before the wedding. Starting the process gives room for any changes before the special day. The number of stamps required to send out invites depends on the weight. Heavy envelopes require more stamps which essentially costs more. Avoiding heavier stationery and invitation cards can help save costs.

Backyard Wedding

Hosting a backyard wedding can help save on costs and essentially gives the couple so much control. Most backyards are relatively large and hold a large number of guests comfortably. Couples also don’t need to worry too much about setting their wedding dates based on the availability of the venue because they can get married anytime they want. It’s essential, however, to seek the necessary permits before the ceremony. Be sure to inform your neighbors or invite them to the wedding to avoid noise complaints.

Even though a backyard wedding can be significantly cost-effective, it’s essential to budget properly to avoid last-minute rushes and added costs. The couple will need to contact different vendors or an equipment rental company. Keep a checklist to help you remember all the essential details. Working with a wedding planner can also help make the day a success. The venue may need tidying up; for example; lawn care can play a significant role in making the yard look picturesque. An even lawn also makes it easier to install dance floors and stages.

Wedding Transportation

Transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of weddings, yet many people overlook it. Lack of proper planning for transportation during a wedding can lead to last-minute expenses. Most planners advise couples to set aside at least 2% of their budget for transport, and different factors can raise or lower this amount. The venue is one example. When locations are far apart, the total transportation cost generally increases—renting vehicles months or weeks before the wedding can also help lower costs.

Most couples want to arrive at their wedding venue in style. A bride can arrive in a carriage, a vintage car, or a limo rental based on their preferences. A limo, for example, is a symbol of luxury and comfort. Many people opt for it because of how spacious and comfortable it is. Rentals have made many transportation options available.

The bridal party also needs to be part of the transportation plan. It helps avoid unnecessary delays when moving between venues. You can opt to play around with fun themes rather than opt for several small vehicles. A party bus or a limo rental are great options because they are spacious and luxurious.

Couples may hold their weddings far away from home, meaning that friends and family would have to travel from far and wide to attend. Although many guests usually get around with their means, the couple may opt to cater for transportation to keep everyone close together and also save on time. It helps to have one large vehicle such as a bus or a few vans for transportation rather than several small ones since it helps to save on costs. Offering transportation to a limited number is a better option to avoid unnecessary losses.

When couples are budgeting for their wedding, they should consider setting up an emergency fund that deals with unexpected costs. The fund should be at least 5% of the total budget. Some service providers also fail to deliver what they promised. Having agreements in the form of writing prevents unexpected changes. Having a budget and sticking to only what’s necessary can help couples avoid overspending.

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