Designing the Interior of a New Home Can be an Adventure

After living in a crowded and cramped dorm room for the last four years your oldest daughter is more than excited about the new apartment she will live in while she is going to grad school. She is excited about a freshly painted interior, new carpet, and having her own bathroom. While she was working on her undergrad degree the tight living space in the dorm was bearable. The fact that she bumped herself up every year in the amount of space that she had helped, but she is weary of dealing with nearly broken down half size kitchen appliances.

The sleek interior design of the new space where she will be living is a real bonus and the interior decorating ideas that she has will allow her to make this feel more like a home than a dorm.

Residential Home Designers Offer a Number of Options in a Range of Prices

Being able to customize your living space, whether it is a dorm room, your first apartment, or a new home purchase, is fun. Any time that you can make your own interior design decisions you are able to create a space that feels like a home. From the ideas you have about artwork that you want on the walls to the rugs that can add color to any space, there are many ways that the decisions you make can create a more inviting space. Being energized in the morning from the bright colors that are added to your space can help you get every day off to a great start. Likewise, having a new,spacious and easy to clean space to come home to at the end of the can provide the peacefulness that you need to get a good night’s rest.

Decorating your home also lets you show your personality. Whether you are a fan of antiques or vintage items or you like a newer trendier style, there are many ways that you can make sure that your space is exactly the way that you want. Consider these facts and figures about the interior design industry and the impact that it has on the economy of the nation, as well as the look and comfort of our own homes:

  • Over the next decade, specialized interior design industries are expected to rise at a higher rate that will reach nearly 20%.
  • More than 50% of age 60 plus households are planning to age in place. As a result as many as are modifying interiors with this in mind
  • A rather impressive 35% of remodeling jobs involved the whole home and are often considered whole home renovations.
  • Millennial home owners were just as likely to renovate their homes as other age groups in the year 2014. This fact is largely driven by the desire to make a newly purchased home their own.
  • Furniture is usually the third most expensive purchase a person will ever buy. The first tow are a house and a car.
  • The interior design industry generates as much as $10 billion in revenues every single year.

When you were in college you were likely so enamored with the idea of living away from home and spending as much time as possible with your newest friends. During those times, it does not always matter that your living conditions are less than perfect. During those years you are willing to put up with small closets, community kitchens, or half size kitchen appliances. When you move out of the dorms, however, you are ready for something more grown up. No matter what kind of space you live in, however, it will be important to the kind of life you live and the happiness that you will have. For instance, recent studies indicate that the most popular definitions of a happy home are a space where you feel secure, an option that is favored by 69%. As many as 64% indicate that the priority is a place for relaxation, and 57% say that a home is a space where you are free to be yourself.

Finding the right way to decorate your home can help you create the perfect space. A space that will be as great as it is in the morning as it is at the end of the day.

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