The Benefits of Hiring a Maid Service

Many homes or public buildings such as offices or banks are sometimes messier and less sanitary than they should be, and a homeowner does not have to be a hoarder to have a home that needs more cleaning than it gets. Plenty of homeowners do work to clean up their homes such as routine vacuuming or dusting the furniture, but some jobs call for more specialized equipment and trained workers to use them, and this is where a spring cleaning service, house cleaning services, or a dependable maid service comes in. For homeowners who are very busy or physically disabled, the benefits of hiring a maid will become clear as soon as an experienced maid service is brought on board. The benefits of hiring a maid are generally based on the professional, thorough work that they can do for any public building or large home. What exactly are the benefits of hiring a maid, and how dirty do homes and public buildings get without them?

Why Clean?

The benefits of hiring a maid are both aesthetic and sanitary, and the very health of a household’s occupants or the workers in a public space may be affected by how clean or not the building is. What are some examples of this? A dirty office, for one thing, is not only unpleasant to work in, but it can greatly increase rates of sick days due to the cold or flu being spread on dirty surfaces or a lot of chemicals or particles in the air. In fact, it has been determined that employees who work in a sufficiently cleaned office will have an 80% reduced chance of catching a cold or influenza, which is both more pleasant for the workers and boosts productivity since workers are not calling in sick so often. What is more, dust exposure can reduce a worker’s cognitive abilities by as much as 2% to 6%, and very dirty break rooms or carpets in the office may attract pests such as ants, cockroaches, or even mice, which is something that no one wants, and hiring an exterminator can be costly and take up a lot of time. It is better to keep the workplace clean so that such issues do not arise to start with.

For the home, many homeowners either are not cleaning as much as they should, or they end up using cleaners that have a lot of harmful chemicals in them. In particular, the EPA study found out that toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times as likely to cause cancer as outdoor air is, and over 150 different toxic substances linked to cancer may be found in homes due to certain cleaning products. What is more, the carpets are often neglected; 22% of Americans say that they consider their carpet even dirtier than their toilet seats, and only about 55% of Americans are deep-cleaning their carpets as often as the EPA recommends, which is about every six months or so. The benefits of hiring a maid are clear, then: a dirty office or unsanitary home can soon be transformed with the right cleaning crew.

Benefits of Hiring a Maid

One advantage to hiring a maid service is that this frees up time for a homeowner to take trips or vacations or go to work all day without sacrificing their home’s cleaning in the process, and a maid can work hard to clean the home and keep it that way while the homeowner is away, and the same can be said of an office. These professionals will also have the skills and expertise to make any surface or item clean, sanitary, and attractive, and they will have the right tools and cleaners to get a professional grade job done. They may also use vegan cleaners if the homeowner requests, such as those that use only natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals that may endanger people and pets with fumes. Finally, a hotel will certainly want an expert maid staff alongside housekeepers to keep all rooms, furniture, and hallways clean and attractive to guests, and given the sheer number of rooms and the length of the hallways for larger hotels, the benefits of hiring a maid, or rather a lot of them, are clear.

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