Living Room Reorganization for Today’s Homeowner

They say that “home is where the heart is,” and even people not given to sentimentality can see the point being made. For nearly anyone, the home, whether an apartment, rental town home, or private house, is where a person’s life is centered. Their possessions, from kitchen cutlery to PCs to books and clothes, are all stored here, and the right organization for rooms and shelves can be the difference between a comfortable, convenient home and a stressful mess where items are often lost. Living room organization, and organizing your laundry room, organizing your bedroom, or enclosed shoe storage can reinvent a room and make it both more practical and much more appealing to look at and live in. How can a room be remade like this, and why?

Messes and the Home

Speaking in averages, homes can be cluttered and busy places, and this is not always conductive for peace of mind. The typical American home has some 300,000 items in it, big and small, and they sometimes get lost. In fact, the Daily Mail stated that during a person’s lifetime, he or she will spend a total of 3,680 hours, or 15 days, looking for misplaced items. Other research holds that a persona may lose up to nine items daily, and that adds up to 198,743 over a lifetime. That is a lot of time spent, or rather wasted, on finding things. A lot of this time and stress can be saved with living room organization, buying storage cubes, investing in drawers and cabinets, and more.

Organize It All

The easy solution to a messy and cluttered home is in fact twofold: eliminate unwanted items, big and small, and reorganize the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more so items can be easily found. The bonus here is that when a room is rearranged this way, it can be aesthetically appealing, too, with much more open space and attractive storage furniture acting as decorative points (and thus serving double duty). Living room organization does not have to be a chore; it can be rewarding and fun.

A person can begin this project by gathering items of a similar type or purpose into piles, and determining which items should be kept, donated or given away, or simply discarded. This is especially true for middle aged parents who have their own items, plus that of their spouse and kids, adding up over the years in a home. Old clothes can be donated to charities, old toys can be given to preschools or flea markets, old, useless papers can be shredded and recycled, and worn out furniture can be set out for heavy trash pickup or given away.

Once all unwanted items are gone, the remaining stuff can be reorganized for convenience. Living room organization and organizing your bedroom are good places to start, and what is more, buying or repairing furniture for this storage is not only convenient but can beautify a room at the same time. An attractive new dresser made out of polished wood such as chestnut or cherry, and new cabinets or armoires can serve a similar purpose. Bookshelves can be handled like this; unwanted books can be given away to libraries or friends, and the remaining ones can be put on a brand new bookshelf whose design, size, and paint job can add flair to a living room or study. Stackable cube storage units can be found in major retailers and can make items easy to store and find, and they are very easy to set up, since they are a simple shape and can be stacked.

Kids’ rooms can get a similar treatment to living room organization. Kids don’t always build up collections of hardback books, clothes, or china like their parents, but toys can add up and can overflow from shelves or storage chests. Here again, toys can be sorted into “keep” and “donate” piles (with the child’s input) and the reduced toy inventory can make storage in closets, shelves, and toy chests much easier. Finally, even the bathroom can be reorganized once clutter is removed, such as old pill bottles or makeup supplies, and the garage can be cleared of unneeded hardware and chemicals, and the remainder can be organized for better work.

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