Why It’s Helpful to Visit a Combination Urgent Care and ER Facility

If you or your family members get sick, your first thought is normally to schedule an appointment with your local family medical center. You’ll find you get faster service and are taken care of in a timely manner when you go through a 24 hour urgent care location that also has an emergency room attached to it. This sounds confusing at first, but this hybrid model actually makes things easier for folks who need help. Learn more, and see how beneficial it can be.

A Combination Facility Makes it Easier to Direct People

Many people end up going to the ER, only to find their circumstances are not that bad, and the urgent care would be more beneficial for them. Less than 5% of individuals who come into a 24 hour walk in clinic need to go to the ER, so this is a great way for them to go to one center and not spend time waiting unless the circumstances call for it. Going to urgent care first can keep things flowing in a smooth manner, with the ER being only a last resort if the condition is too serious to treat at urgent care.

Having Everything Under One Roof Saves Time

Having all medical needs under one roof saves time for patients who need to get seen in a hurry. Imagine if you’re a patient with problems relating to chest pain. This could signal a heart attack and is better off seen by a professional in the emergency room. Urgent care and a family medical center wouldn’t have the time to see this person. Having two facilities in one area allows problems to get treated as quickly as possible, with little wait time.

Urgent Care is Becoming Popular for Medical Needs

More people are using urgent care more than family medical centers when an issue comes up and they need to get seen right away. Over 25% of people said they use an urgent care center within the last two years, showing this is more commonplace than seeing the family doctor. For these reasons, it’s nice to have an emergency room attached to the urgent care center. More people can get directed to the care they need when it’s easily available in the same location, and they don’t lose time when the medical need is life or death.

Most urgent care centers see over 12,000 people in a year. This means that urgent care is the popular choice for folks who need help right away. Going to an urgent care center that has an emergency room means that folks can get the help they need with less waiting and travel time. With more people going to this comprehensive model, it’s thought they won’t put off their medical needs and get the care they need right away.

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