Coyuchi Linen Non-Food Organic On the Rise

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You know of organically grown food. It’s those tomatoes and beets and carrots you see at the local farmer’s market. Those foods are grown with the central premise of being environmentally conscious as possible.

That means no fertilizers, no unnecessary additives, no strange substances and so forth. Generally, organic farms practice the concept of eco-diversity; always rotating crops and treating the farm land like it resembles the processes of nature.

It may surprise you, however, to know that many companies are offering organic products that extend far beyond tomatoes and beets and carrots. For instance, the new burgeoning product that is making headway into the green and environmentally conscious market is the organic sheet.

While on the face of it an organic sheet might seem a stretch for the term, sheets can be just as organic as the tomatoes seen at the farmers’ market. Sheets, after all, are made from cotton and cotton over the years, like much of the farming community in America, has had the unfortunate circumstance of being sprayed continuously with pesticides.

Organic sheets, then, can be just as organic as tomatoes and carrots. In fact, more and more retailers are carrying organic sheets as part of the their brick and mortar merchandise. Organic sheets can range from, organic queen sheets, organic king sheets, a twin organic sheet set, or even an organic mattress pad.

And the sheets are no joke; they are touted as making a person sleep easier and more deeply, based on the cotton content that is without fertilizers or pesticides. Take, for instance, the company called Coyuchi. It is one of the most popular sellers of organic sheets.

They receive their shipments of cotton from India, where they have been organically grown. They are ecologically and socially conscious. They have gotten to the point of creating a zero waste water recycling system and of implementing social initiatives in their work place.

While they are just one of the designers and makers of organic bed sheets, they are a useful example to show where these companies come from and what their practices are. A coyuchi linen is made from the finest materials and designed with high standards, such as the Fair Trade USA standards and GOTS. A coyuchi linen draws inspiration from the coastal lands, meaning you will remember the feel of the coast when you get into bed.

And that may make a difference.

  • In the United States, 42% of Americans get less than seven hours sleep, while the recommended amount is between seven and nine hours.
  • The National Sleep Bedroom Poll showed that 85% of Americans rated the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding to be important to a good night’s sleep.

Getting a good amount of restful, deep sleep is important for feeling refreshed the next day. There’s little more aggravating than having little sleep and starting off the morning with one headache after another at work. Little sleep can make someone irritable, cranky, upset, and generally unfocused.

It seems then that organic bedding such as the coyuchi linen is a good investment when it comes to sleeping well. In the case of the coyuchi linen, there’s knowledge that this company harbors safe practices when it comes to materials and the workers who harvest them.

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