Tips to Make Your Wedding Great

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Planning a wedding can be a very stressful endeavor for many people. Approximately 30% of brides spend seven to 12 months planning their wedding day. More unusual wedding venues are becoming more popular as nearly 40% of couples search out unusual or offbeat romantic wedding places and nearly 35% go with outdoor venues.

What do wedding planners do?

You can go to a place that offers all inclusive event packages or hire a wedding planner but if you want to plan your wedding yourself, here are some tips to make it easier.

  1. Decide what kind of wedding you want. Are you looking for a traditional wedding? Are you and your spouse to be religious? What kind of experience do you want this wedding to be? If you set a wedding philosophy, it will help guide your other decisions. You can decide things you have to have at your wedding vs. things you might like to have. It will help you pick from the different romantic wedding places you might view.  Maybe you would like to look at outdoor wedding venues or wedding halls. Having a philosophy and idea of how you want to celebrate your day is a big step in planning your wedding.
  2. Set your budget. This will determine a lot in terms of how many people you can invite and what wedding reception places are possible. Once you have your budget in place, stick to it. If you talk to wedding halls, do not let them talk you into more than you want. Do not be afraid to walk away. June is the most popular month for weddings, 15% of weddings are in this month. If your budget is tight, you might want to consider another month.
  3. Make a checklist. There are a lot of details in planning a wedding, make a to do list to keep track of everything. When you visit romantic wedding places for instance make a check list of what you like and do not like. Keep track of each quote you get from caterers and wedding calls with a spreadsheet or hand written list. This will keep you organized.
  4. Try to remember this is an important day but it is just one day. Your wedding day should be special and is an important day but it is still just one day. If everything goes smoothly or if everything falls apart, what people will remember is what kind of time they had. The little details that will consume your every waking moment before the wedding, will not be apparent to guests. Just try to remember that as you plan.
  5. Do not be afraid to say no. This is not just advice for dealing with vendors but with your family and friends as well. People you know may have opinions about romantic wedding places, for instance, that differ from your own. This is your wedding so stick to your guns.
  6. Have fun. The most important part of this day is to enjoy it. Let the details that stressed you out go. Do not freak out over little things that only you will notice. Enjoy your day.

Wedding planning can be stressful and that can spill over to the event itself. Do not let it. Enjoy your day!

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