Why Donating Clothes Is The Best Thing You’ll Do All Year

Purple heart clothing donation

Most of us want to “give back” in some way. However, with our busy lives volunteering isn’t always an option, and oftentimes it never feels like we’re giving enough monetarily. As it turns out, non … cash donations actually totaled $5.8 billion in 2007, and many of those donations were made up of clothing. Donating the clothes off your back can be just as helpful as writing a check, but there are many things people don’t know about clothing donations.

Local Clothing Donations Can Help More People Than You’d Think

When you find a charity that takes local clothing donations, you probably imagine that they help underprivileged youth, which is of course a great cause. But those who benefit from clothing donations are extremely numerous and varied individuals; a purple heart donation may help a wounded veteran, while others may contribute to helping families in need. For some, it helps to know that you’re donating to a cause close to your heart, while for others, the specific charity doesn’t matter. Either way, you’re doing something good with items that you don’t need anymore.

Your Local Clothing Donations Can Help The Environment

It’s estimated that 90% of all clothing and textiles thrown away in the U.S. are salvageable … that is, able to be reused or repurposed in some way. Donating clothes greatly cuts back on the pollution caused by discarded textiles ending up in landfills. Green charities make a priority out of helping both people directly and the world indirectly by cutting down on waste and building up recycled donations

Charities Have Become Easier To Access

Gone are the days of trying to figure out how you can donate potentially large amounts of clothing with the least possible inconvenience. Many charities have multiple clothing drop off locations, and some even have employees whose jobs are to pick up your clothes and take them back to those locations. It’s a part of an increasingly streamlined process easier for everyone involved.

Donated Clothes Can Equal Lower Tax Bills

It’s important to keep record of your donated clothes for when tax season rolls around. Donations to qualified organizations can lower your tax bill. It’s just one of many benefits of donating your clothes to charity!

Ultimately, charities today are catering to both the people they’re helping and the donors, making the act of giving so simple that any roadblocks are nonexistent. Furthermore, donating to charity is a selfless act that leaves you knowing you did something good for another person. That, at the end of the day, is what will keep you donating for years to come

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