Your Children’s Safety Matters Hire Your Nanny Carefully!

Benefits of hiring a nanny

Placing your children in stranger hands is never easy. Whether you are dropping your child off at a new school, at a child care center, or leaving him or her with a nanny, there is always a slight hesitation that will keep you wondering, “Did I make the right decision?”

It might be much less stressful leaving your children at school or daycare because there are other children around and several other adults that can monitor your child. But letting a nanny care for your children can bring a new level of anxiety to the forefront, because this person will be in your home. If you are not sure how to hire a nanny that will interact well with your children and keep them safe, here are a few tips that will set you on your way to finding the perfect nanny.

  1. Word of Mouth – One of the best ways to find a nanny is by asking around. Your friends or extended family members might be able to give you the names of excellent nannies they have used. Based on the type of nanny you are looking for, you can ask them different question about the nanny’s effectiveness. For example, if you are looking for a live in nanny, you might want to find out about their living habits, if they do housework, and how well they adjusted to life in their employer’s home. Your family and friends might even be able to point you in the direction of the best nanny agencies in town so that you can choose from a larger number of possible nannies.
  2. Interview, Interview, Interview – One of the biggest nanny hiring mistakes is simply hiring the first nanny you interview. While your instincts might point you toward the first interviewee, it is always best to conduct multiple interviews before making your decision. During the interview, you should ask potential nannies what they would do in emergency situations, what their disciplinary methods are, how much nanny experience they have had, and how much they want to be paid.

    The average salary for a nanny varies depending on his or her education. A 2011 survey by the International Nanny Association found that 20% of nannies had a bachelor’s degree in education, psychology, or child development. In this case, the nanny might ask for a higher salary than one who only has a high school degree. But depending on a nanny’s experience, you can expect to pay a nanny with extensive experience more than one that is fresh out of college with minimal nanny experience. An experienced live in nanny could cost you as much as $850 a week.

  3. Background Check – It is critical to do a background check on any potential nannies to uncover any outstanding criminal records, or a history of abusive behavior. Once again, even if your instincts point you toward one particular nanny, you will never know for sure until you dig into his or her past. This is crucial if you are looking for a live in nanny, because this person will be living in your house, and be a part of your children’s lives on a regular basis.

Finding the right nanny for the job requires a great deal of diligence on your part, as well as patience. Whether you are looking for a live in nanny, or one that comes to your house a few times a week, you want to make sure you feel 100% happy with your choice. As long as your children are in good hands, you can leave them at home feeling relaxed and satisfied with your decision.

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