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Discover What Living in Las Vegas Could be Like

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Living the good life in Las Vegas is something that a great many have dreamed about at some point. On November 13, published a list of incredible items of luxury that people could find in the City of Lights. Ever imagined a $40,000 hotel room? How about a $5,000 a night hamburger? From the $1,000 sundae to a $70,000 phone, the amazing things that life in Las Vegas can provide is incredible.

Those thinking about buying a home in this beautiful city will find a new world waiting for them, whether they feel like springing for $96,000 bronze Ostrich statue or not.

Approximately 38.9 million people choose to take a vacation in Las Vegas each year, with most of them wishing to visit the night clubs, casinos and other entertai (more…)

13 Nov 2013