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How to Find a Top Pre-K For Your Child

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Honing your child’s pre-math and pre-literacy skills before they reach kindergarten can be incredibly beneficial to them over the course of their education. Research has shown that kids who go to preschool do a little over 20% better on math and reading tests administered in kindergarten than their classmates who did not go to a preschool. Preschool can also be an important time for them to gain important social skills and get used to interacting with other children who aren’t family. Once they reach kindergarten, they’ll have a general idea of what to expect and the first days of school may be a little less traumatic for them, as they’ve been separated from you previously. So if you’re looking for a top Pre-K as a parent, what should you look for? Why should you enroll your child in preschool?

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10 Jul 2017