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Common Flowers and What They Symbolize

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Now that summer is here, it is all about going to your neighboring garden centers and nursery center to buy the right plants for your yard. Landscaping and design can really turn around your entire yard and give it a brand new look, and this can be emphasized even more if you are planting flowers that have some meaning to you! Here are some of the most common flowers you can find at garden centers as a way to give your home extra meaning.


These are bright red and pink flowers that signify a world filled with beauty. They are so bright they wi (more…)

03 Jun 2017

How to Improve Your Yard, and Home Selling Price, With Great Landscaping

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According to The Star, home buyers are putting more thought and consideration into the surrounding environment of the homes they buy, prompting both new development projects and existing homes to ramp up the volume on lush landscaping.

There’s a lot of reasons people may be interested in landscaping tips for beginners. You might be looking for a way to refresh the outside appearance of your home, a new and calming way to occupy your time, a way to make your living more “green,” or options for improving your chances for selling a home. Here are several landscaping design tips to help you out, no matter what the occasion.

Landscaping Design Tips for a Great Looking Yard

  • Rambling vines can be a great way to add visual interest, while also providing shade or priva (more…)

18 Feb 2014