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Three Reasons To Rent an Apartment

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If you’re looking around for a new living opportunity and you can’t decide if you’re ready to splurge on a house or you’re better off sticking with a loft or apartment rental, here are just a few advantages of apartment rentals that might convince you to step away from the housing market for a while:

  • Security: When you live in an apartment building, you automatically have better security and safety features in many different ways. Financially, the best loft apartments for rent come with management services that provide greater security regarding your personal information and your property. Luxury apartment rentals often come with enhanced building (more…)

11 Mar 2015

The Benefits of Renting a Loft Apartment

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Recently, Brooklyn New York was rated the most expensive place to own a home in the United States, beating out notoriously expensive metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and Washington D.C. Interestingly, these statistics were quite surprisingly. Brooklyn was once considered a refuge from the overly priced city loft apartments and townhomes in Manhattan.

While Brooklyn may be the most expensive place for home ownership in the country, renting lofts and apartments is a viable option to home ownership. In fact, home ownership rates are the lowest they’ve been in nearly seven years. While the real estate market has shown promising signs of recover following the Great Recession, potential home owners (more…)

09 Jan 2015