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Be the Hero You Want to See in the World

Helping military families

Everyone loves a good hero. Our society is obsessed with tales of superheroes, of people achieving great successes in the face of incredible obstacles, of people being helped by someone selfless and noble. And yet, with all of this focus on great deeds, so few people realize that each and every one of us have the potential to be great, and to do great things. Every single day hands us opportunities, one after the other to rise above the mundane and do something selfless and noble. Sometimes we accept these opportunities without realizing the impact we have, and other times we unfortunately let these opportunities slide right by. But if you keep your eyes and mind open, you can have your chance at being a hero as well.

The heroes that are the charities that pick up clothing donations (more…)

26 Mar 2016

Three Super Easy and Simple Ways to Give Back When You’re Pressed For Time

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If you think that life now seems a lot busier than it used to be, you’re right. Between hectic schedules filled with work, school, family, and unplanned circumstances, it can be difficult to juggle and fulfill all of your responsibilities, let alone find time to donate.

According to recent research, 70% of Americans make charitable donations in some way each year. That means you can too, even if you’re short on time. There are a variety of ways to give back and make a difference in as little as half an hour. Here’s how.

Clothing donations

Donating clothing to charity is perhaps one the fastest and most effective (more…)

26 Mar 2015