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Your Good Deed for the Day Doesn’t Have to be a Miracle!

Charity clothing pickup

You don’t have to be a war veteran to be a hero, but that doesn’t mean the people who serve in the military aren’t! Men and women serving in the military sometimes give their lives for the sake of a country and its people. These men and women, soldiers and veterans, all serve their countries with bravery and honor. Because of the risks these people take, they are often given honors and awards for their service, such as the purple heart.

But what is a purple heart in the military? What does it mean? The purple heart is a uniquely American honor given in the name of the President to soldiers who have been wounded or killed in combat. This honor is one of the highest that can be bestowed upon a veteran, especially if they were wounded while protecting another soldier.

You may be asking yourself what a p (more…)

23 Jan 2016