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5 Great Tips for Throwing Your Dream Wedding for Less

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It is no secret that weddings are big business. In the United States, there are an average of 2.4 million weddings every year. About one third of all brides spend between seven and 12 months planning their weddings. About 48% of all couples start their wedding planning online. Approximately 40% of couples look for unusual wedding venues and wedding reception places for their big days. They say they are looking for places that reflect their unique personalities. While it is all too possible to spend tons of money on your wedding and reception, you really do not have to. If you are looking to have your dream wedding while saving money on the big day.

Tips to Making Your Wedding Great for Less

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19 Apr 2016

Unique Wedding Places That Can Bing Your Wedding Party to Life

What to look for

When it comes to weddings, everyone wants an occasion so special that people remember it for years to come. Weddings are meant to be a celebration of life — riveting, engaging parties throbbing with life and love that make a mark on every attendee. To achieve this, you need to put on your thinking cap and plan every little detail, every nuance to perfection before putting your plan to action. A well-planned wedding is much more likely to be a success, and one of the most important aspects that many often neglect when it comes to planning that perfect wedding is the venue.

Fotunately, while you are looking for the perfect venue and going over your options, you are likely to run into a number of unique wedding places. (more…)

27 Jan 2016