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DIY 7 Pro Tips To Keep Garages Pest Free

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Did you know that most home pest infestations start in the garage? So unless you have an affinity for creatures with too many freaking legs, then you probably want to keep spiders, roaches, ants, hornets, and all other manner of stinging things out of your home and garage. Oh, and let’s not forget about mice, bats, scorpions, etc.

So whether if you’re looking for help keeping connected or Amish built garages free and clear of vermin, then follow these simple tips for getting rid of pests.

First, start with the exterior of your home:

  • Overhanging Branches: If you have any trees hanging over your home or garage, they essentially function as superhighways for insects, spiders, and four-legged rodents of all kinds. Hire a tree trimming service, or break out the ladder, and ge (more…)

11 Jun 2015