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Discovering an Affordable, Active Lifestyle After Retirement

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Finding a vibrant community after retirement can be difficult, but often necessary. Perhaps the city is no longer appealing, or the house feels too big with the children having gone to pursue their own adult lives. There are other factors to be considered as well, such as affordable real estate and the availability of recreational opportunities.
The Importance of Ample Recreational Opportunities After Retirement
Staying active physically and mentally is an important practice at any stage of life. However, retirement can bring with it a sense of restlessness. In a recent survey, 81% of retirees attributed good health as being the most important aspect of contented (more…)

13 Jul 2015

Faith and Furniture Church Pews and Steeples

Church steeple

For centuries, churches have been tranquil places for worship and community gathering. The furnishings, ornaments, and architecture of churches have become incredibly important to the churchgoing experience. While churches historically didn’t always look like they do now, today one could easily tell what one was looking at by just seeing the top of a steeple, or know where one was by seeing a row of church pews.

A Brief History of Pews.

Church pews were introduced in the 13th century, as removable stone benches. Today, pews are one of the most iconic staples of church furniture, and are made of some kind of wood, usually oak. It wasn’t until the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century that permanent pews were commonly installed in churches. This reformation brought with it the rise of the serm (more…)

13 Jul 2015