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Home is Where the Heart (Decor) Is

Nautical home decor

Most people spend a lot of money getting their homes to look the way they want them to, but the results aren’t always successful. Only about one out of every five Americans is happy with the home decor they have, and 14% even say their home furnishings make them feel downright gloomy. To try to make your home a more happy place, you might have to think outside the box and do some home decorating that you normally wouldn’t have thought of.

If you are one of the nearly half of all people who haven’t update their home decor in the past five years, it may be time for a radical change. If being by the ocean or a lake makes you happy, you might consider doing nautical decorations in your home. Nautical decor could in (more…)

21 Apr 2017

How To Design And Decorate A Beautiful Home No Matter Your Budget

Nautical decor

How do you create a home that feels like home? Is it the way you arrange your furniture or is a happy household more geared to the color scheme you use? Whatever your personal goals are, what matters most is the heart you put into your projects. A house is more than just a place where you eat and lay your head — it’s an extension of yourself, one that can lift your mood or dampen it throughout the week. If you’re starting to feel the drain of a home that’s not visually up to snuff or simply want to start a new home renovation project to occupy your time, read below to learn more about the basics of interior design and why your home can be the next brilliant element in your life.

What Are Popular Furniture Choices?

Furniture can make or break a happy home. You’ll want to find a sha (more…)

03 Mar 2017

3 Movies That Can Inspire Your Nautical Themed Home

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Did you know that 14% of Americans say that their home furnishings actually make them feel gloomy and only 20% feel happy with their home decor? When it comes to fun and imaginative home decor, no theme can beat the nautical theme. Decorating with nautical decor can liven up your home and make it a stimulating and welcoming place to be. That sounds great, of course, but “nautical theme” can mean so many things, where do you start? Since the nautical theme encompasses so many different themes within itself, you may need to find a little inspiration to achieve a nautical themed room or entire home that is perfect for you. Below is a list of classic movies to draw som (more…)

28 Jul 2015

So You Want to Design a Nautical Themed Room, Eh?

Nautical wheel

If you’re looking to redecorate, but are stumped for ideas, consider a nautical theme. It’s light, elegant, tasteful, rustic, and peaceful — everything you could ever want in an interior design. Here’s how to pull one off.

The Basics.

First things first, you’re going to want to get your color palette right. Most interior decorators use navy, white, and khaki as their primary colors when doing a nautical theme, and red, black, and yellow as their second. Often times, they’ll also incorporate white and navy stripes into the design to add a bit more dynamic to the room. These two are also the most popular colors used to create a nautical theme, but any of the aforementioned hues will work.

The Details.

Once you’ve decided what colors you’ll use throughout th (more…)

03 Mar 2015

How to Decorate a Nautical Theme With Purpose

Nautical barometer

Everything sailors use, they use for a reason. Though often times these nautical items are kept for pragmatic reasons, their use often takes on deep, symbolic significance. That’s why sailors will often get such nautical items as anchors, propellers, or harpoons tattooed.

When planning and designing a nautical theme, taking such symbolic meanings into account can make your design seem not only more intentional — with more purpose — but also more well arranged. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these symbolic meanings into your own nautical theme, choosing more purposeful places to place your nautical home decorations.

Compasses Above the Door.

Compasses are (more…)

20 Feb 2015