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Assisted Living for Seniors Could Be the Retirement Dream For You

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Time is a funny thing that most of us try to capture or stop or understand, but that continues on its merry way, regardless of any attempts to thwart it. And it leaves us with the very simple lesson that if we cannot stop it, we should probably do everything that we can to enjoy each and every moment. Everyone will age, and it is difficult to understand the opposition to it. So many people do what they can to fight the natural aging process, and the search for the fountain of youth is just about as old as time.

But shouldn’t we revere old age, and welcome it as a blessing? Lives cut short are tragedies, and old age signifies a full life, that if well-lived, has come with joy and wisdom among everything else. Among obstacles and trials, there are always opportunities for progress, growth, and les (more…)

31 Oct 2016