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3 Ways To Optimize Your Adjustable Bed For Safety

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It’s pretty common knowledge nowadays that the old model beds of flat mattress and box springs are outdated solutions to bed comfort. They do not correspond to the natural S-curve of our spines and thus people will often change positions during sleep to avoid tension and cramps caused by the gaps left in back support. Most people choose to augment their beds with at least a foam mattress pad, but many are making the switch over entirely to adjustable beds. An adjustable bed can be a great answer to the back support problem, as the optional incline feature can support you like a chair or couch and will prevent you from backsliding into dan (more…)

16 Jun 2015

6 Awesome Benefits of Adjustable Beds

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Millions of Americans suffer from sleeping problems because they don’t have the right kind of sleeping equipment or beds adjustable for their body type. In fact, the National Sleep Foundation reports that over 50% of American adults have chronic back pain, and this often results from not getting quality sleep at night. Sleeping well is important because it is one of the key foundations of any lifestyle aimed at promoting good health, but it is often overlooked because people focus on diet and exercise. Although these are important, anyone who has tried to live a healthy lifestyle knows that it is impossible to work out or eat well if you aren’t rested.

The benefits of finding beds adj (more…)

17 Feb 2015

4 Questions You Should Ask About Your Sleep Habits

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The exact answer to how to sleep better at night may vary from person to person—anything from peppermint tea or a bedtime ritual to a cooler room and an adjustable bed—but there are a few common elements to consider if you’re finding yourself sleepless night after night—or waking up stiff and in pain when you are able to sleep.

  • Are you exercising enough and eating right? Exercising can help you sleep more soundly (which in turn should help you feel more alert and eager to exercise the next day). Just don’t try to do so right before bed, since it will raise your heart rate and body temperature. Also pay attention to your eating habits. In addition to promoting good health in general, eating a smaller meal in the evening helps to make sure you’re not going to bed too full and wit (more…)

03 Sep 2014

Why You’re Not Getting The Best Night’s Sleep Possible

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Getting a deep, sound nights sleep is the best sure fire way to keep you and your energy levels at their optimum to conquer any tasks that arise throughout the day. Having high levels of energy to accomplish the tasks you need to, such as work, school, or any activity, will keep you feeling happy, healthy, and ready for anything. Nobody likes to feel slow and exhausted with a whole day ahead of them. You owe to yourself to always make sure you get a perfect nights sleep.

I bet you want to know how to get a better nights sleep. As important as steady, sound sleep is the American Sleep Foundation estimates that nearly 2/3 of Americans have trouble getting the right sleep to refresh and rejuvenate their minds and bodies to tackle the following day. You are probably one of the many Americans not getting (more…)

20 Aug 2014