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Don’t Waste Old Clothes in Landfills When They Could be Changing Lives

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Between many years of holiday gifts and back to school shopping most people usually have closets full of clothes that either don’t fit or have just been discarded to make way for the new. Rather than sitting on the floor collecting dust organizations looking for charitable clothing donations would be more than happy to take them and put them to good use in the hands of those in need, such as veterans and the blind. Many Americans have already joined the cause to offer them what they deserve with around 4.7 billion pounds of clothes donations given each year.

Even further incentive to donate is fueled by the environmental impact that recycling clothes holds. The clothes sold in this country are n (more…)

28 Aug 2015

How to Wear Charitable Donations on Your Sleeve

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Giving back to the community through charitable donations is something most people feel like they should do. In fact, research shows that approximately 70% of Americans donate to charity at least once every year. However, many people fail to make donations, simply because they lack the knowledge of what, where or how to give. The value of charitable donations to those receiving them is, really, invaluable. Simply not knowing the best charities to donate to shouldn’t deter people from making charitable donations.

People often overlook the easiest ways to donate. Giving money or making large contributions of goods, while admirable and appreciated, aren’t the only ways to make a difference in the lives of those who rely on donations. Countless charitable organizations are looking for donations of (more…)

20 Jul 2015

Uncle Sam Wants You to Make a Clothing Donation

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School is in back in session, and the holidays are coming up just around the corner. Now is a perfect time to not only reflect on our lives and show gratitude, but also to give back to veterans and military families.

Making charitable donations is an easy way to show support for military families around the country. Veterans and military families face unique challenges that many civilians may not be able to relate to, such as frequent moves and long deployments. As such, there are several local and national that focus on not only support military families and veterans, but also providing easy and convenient ways for civilians to do so.

There are a number of ways that citizens can show their support for military families and veterans, however, clothing donations are an excellent way to give back. (more…)

14 Sep 2014