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Reduce the Dangers of Home Intrusion with ADT Security

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Did you know that almost half of all home burglaries in the United States take place in the South, while only about 11 percent occur in the Northeast, and 21 percent in the Midwest and West regions combined? There are all kinds of statistics about robberies and other crimes that people tend to take too much at face value.

Just because statistics show that burglars prefer to target single family, detached homes in corner lots does not mean that a third floor condominium is immune to burglary. In fact, many burglars are clever enough to pose as maintenance people or other service professionals, and can succeed during broad daylight. In fact, statistics show that burglars prefer to “work” during the hours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.; of course, this does not mean that some nefarious character will not slip in through your bathroom window at 2:30 in the morning. In actuality, you never know if, when, or where a burglar will strike, which means that any home will benefit from an ADT security system.

Fortunately, the best home security, like Adt security systems, are widely available at any merchant that sells home security systems. For homeowners looking for ADT Pennsylvania, they can turn to ADT Wilkes Barre PA for all of their home security needs. The bottom line is, regardless of what the statistics show, every home is vulnerable to the dangers posed by intruders. By investing in Adt security pa, you will never find yourself quoted on the new saying “stuff like this never happens in this neighborhood.” Read more:

12 Jun 2013