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Adopting a Child? Have the Best Experience with These 6 Tips


If you are considering adopting children, you have a lot of work and waiting ahead of your. Most parents who go through the process later say that it was all worth it. At least 87% of these parents report that they would “definitely” do it all again, knowing what they do after the adoption about the process and after having gotten to know the child or children they adopted. For children over the age of five and older, more than 90% report having positive feelings about being adopted. If you are talking to adoption agencies, there are some things you can do to make the process easier for everyone involved.

  1. Research everything in the process. Do research online. Look up the (more…)

14 Sep 2016

The Very Real Benefits of Adoption

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Adoption is a very positive thing for all of the people involved. When asked, the vast majority of children over the age of five years old (90%) say that they have positive feelings about having been adopted. About 81% of people involved say their relationship with their adoptive kids or parents is “very warm and close.” More than half of all adopted kids have dinner at least six nights a week with their families. If you are thinking about going to an adoption agency because you are pregnant and do not know what to do, there are some very positive things you can do by letting another family adopt your child.

How adoption is good for the adoptive families.

Some couples really want to add children t (more…)

13 Jun 2016