Adjustable mattresses

Why It’s Cool to Have an Adjustable Bed

Queen bed

Jennifer decided she wanted to bring her bedroom to the next level. She created a vision board for what she wanted. It had beautiful pictures of built in bookshelves, hand stitched duvets, and to-die-for wallpaper. At the very center of the board, however, was a brand new, beautiful, adjustable bed. She had wanted an adjustable bed her entire life and she felt like know was the time to make it happen. When she showed her friends her vision board, they questioned her excitement about electric beds. She quickly broke down for them the five reasons adjustable electric bed was absolutely a must-have:
1) Options Jennifer explained to her friends that one of the biggest benefits of adjustable beds is that (more…)

04 Jun 2015

Sleep Secrets Little Ways to Get a Better Night’s Rest

Adjust a bed

Think about your quality of life on a day when you have had a great night’s rest. Now think about living that way always. What helped you have that great night’s rest? Was it a really comfy hotel bed? A jam packed day of activities? A nice glass of wine? Sure, doctors can recommend big changes in our lives to improve sleep. However, these small adjustments should not be overlooked as ways to catch more quality zzzs.

Elevate parts of your body.
A flat mattress causes your body to go into improper posture and cramped positions while you sleep. A little incline at the top or bottom of your bed can help prevent you from curling or bending your legs and causing yourself pain. If you find that these inclines work for you, (more…)

14 May 2015